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Название ICODISCIPLINA by TeachMePlease
Дата начала18 июля, 2018
Дата окончания19 июля, 2018
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In this paper we analyze the main issues that arise from storing educational records in blockchain and propose the architecture of the Disciplina platform – a domain-specific blockchain implementation. The platform is designed to act as a decentralized ledger, with special regard for privacy and mechanisms of data disclosure. We present an overview of the main entities, their roles and incentives to support the network. Please note that the project is a work-in-progress and the descriptions provided are subject to change.

Head of the Development Department

Most EdTech projects keep their data centralized, which leads to a decreased level of data security. DISCIPLINA, notwithstanding, differs by keeping data safe using Blockchain technology. Join DISCIPLINA – one of the most promising EdTech projects.

A compound annual growth rate of the EdTech market was 15% during the period between 2017 and 2020. Unlike many others, DISCIPLINA uses all the capacities of Blockchain technology. It makes our platform relevant for many projects related to personal data storage.

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Disciplina IDO ( @tchmpls_events) structure:
▶️ $300K. 750 winners. $400 per ticket.

Its a #PoolzParty 🥳


DISCIPLINA POOLZ IDO WHITELISTING OPENED! We are glad to invite our followers to participate and to become an early adopter of the DISCIPLINA cutting-edge technologies!

DISCIPLINA IDO on the POOLZ platform! We invite all interested users to participate in our IDO. To become a member, you only need to be added to the whitelist, We will also announce the opening of the whitelist. The starting date of our IDO is April 23.

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