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Название ICODogRacing
Дата начала20 апреля, 2018
Дата окончания20 мая, 2018
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World of finances seemed to have clear rules, rich history and long term stability. It took only few years for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to change the way we see this world. Our goal is to incorporate modern technology into exciting crypto currency betting platform called DogRacing.

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DogRacing ICO is LIVE‼️🐶💎

All whitelisted people got an e-mail with further steps on how to participate in our ICO !🤠

Crowdsale starts on 21st of April - hurry up to get 30% bonus‼️


#Bet #ETH #BTC #XRP #LTC #BCH #Crypto

Only 2 days left until the DogRacing ICO‼️ 🤩

World's first working betting dApp on mainnet ! 🏆

https://dogracing.io/crowdsale 💎

#Bet #ETH #BTC #XRP #LTC #BCH #Crypto

The next race is scheduled for 5 days time!! 🏆🐶

Make sure you've studied up on the market movements, or just go with your gut 😉


*Please use google Chrome browser and make sure that Metamask or Mist is added‼️

#Bet #ETH #BTC #XRP #LTC #BCH #Crypto

We would like to congratulate players that chose ETH as it won the race and a total pool of 1,225 ETH!🎉💸
You are welcome to plan your bets for the following race that will start in 7 days.🐶
May the odds be ever in your favour!🐺
💸 http://dogracing.io 💸

DogRacing launched their new race on http://bet.dogracing.io 🏆🐶
Show your cryptocurrency knowledge and bet on a coin, or ride the sails of Lady Luck😎🌊💎

*Please use google Chrome browser and make sure that metamask is added‼️

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Цена0.04 USDПродажа212,062,500Способ оплатыETH
Минимальная инвестицияN/AРаспределение65%СобраноUnknown
Софт-кап500 ETHХард-кап9,100 ETH