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Название ICODos Network
Дата начала11 апреля, 2019
Дата окончания11 апреля, 2019
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DOS Network is a chain-agnostic layer 2 decentralized oracle network that offers realtime data feeds and verifiable computation power to mainstream blockchains. It connects on-chain smart contracts and Ðapps with off-chain data sources and unlimited computation power, enabling smart contracts with more real world use cases.

Operations & Digital Media Manager
Blockchain Engineer Intern
Blockchain Engineer
Цена0.0120 USDПродажаN/AСпособ оплатыN/A
Минимальная инвестицияN/AРаспределениеN/AСобрано$1,700,000
Софт-капN/AХард-кап1,700,000 USD