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EDEN is a company of companies that focus on for good, for profit solutions to the world’s greatest challenges. Residents of The City of EDEN live and work on projects in 4 primary categories. Blockchain, Aerospace, Med/BioTech & Renewables. The products and
companies that come out of EDEN are a byproduct of solving the needs of a new and growing city. Residents of EDEN solve their own problems and then turn them into solutions built on the blockchain to be sold to the global market.

When an EDEN resident faces a challenge or needs outside help they post to the EDEN Distributed Network where a fleet of worldwide problem solvers contribute solutions to the specific challenge. There are no age, gender, race, education or geographic requirements.

Every solution that comes out of EDN stays an open source solution forever.

Founder & CEO
Director of New Projects

#IoT is an essential part of the future development of the agriculture industry and its advanced sector #AgTech:

These #AI solutions integrated into the news media will revolutionize reporting and storytelling processes:

Join the EDEN Distributed Network and earn EDN tokens for contributing open source solutions to some of the major challenges of our day. Our approach has led to the development of 3 companies and has attracted 3,000 problem solvers from around the world. http://cityofeden.io

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