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Дата начала01 марта, 2018
Дата окончания31 марта, 2018
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The Artificial Intelligence market is growing at a remarkable rate but has become more inaccessible than ever. The requirement for large annotated datasets and a complex technical infrastructure has driven AI development behind the closed doors of corporations. This paper intro- duces an open, decentralized network called Effect, that provides services in the Artificial Intelligence market. The network replaces several existing services and requires no fees, has a low barrier of entry and provides fast growth of the industry. This is accomplished by three platforms that run on the NEO blockchain and are fueled by a network token called AIX. The first platform is a marketplace for tasks that require human intelli- gence. It allows anyone in the world to perform tasks for a fair payment and gives businesses access to a large workforce of human intelligence. The second platform is a decentralized registry of AI services described by a rich ontology. On this platform any algorithm can be accessed as a service in a unified manner and has a convenient way to receive payment. The last platform provides a decentralized, distributed computational platform that can run popular deep learning frameworks. The effect of this network will define the future relationship between humans and AI.

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