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Название ICOEgretia
Дата начала26 мая, 2018
Дата окончания26 мая, 2018
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“Bring 200,000 Developers and 1 Billion HTML5 Devices to The Blockchain World.”

As a cross-platform solution, HTML5 technology has been globally recognized. It covers the Internet, mobile games, video, advertising and other industries, with the global market size of hundreds of billions dollars.

After blockchain game CryptoKitties became popular, Ethereum's smart contract applications added a new member - HTML5 games.

This project cooperating with Egret Technology, a globally well-known HTML5 technology service provider, set up Egretia Blockchain Lab, combining blockchain with HTML5 technology to create the world’s first HTML5 blockchain engine and platform, aiming for applying blockchain to vertical industries. Bringing Egret Technology's existing 200,000 developers and 1 billion mobile terminal devices into the blockchain world, this project has practical and far-reaching significance.

Compiler and toolchain expert, entrepreneur, Qualcomm senior staff engineer

Stay tuned for updates from @Egretia_io so that you can be involved in all the exciting things to come!🤩

More👉: https://bit.ly/3dmWGvX

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New updates are live! Check it out!🥳


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Egretia Native Updates! 🥳

For more details👉https://bit.ly/3dHwRHx

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