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Название ICOEminer
Дата начала31 июля, 2019
Дата окончанияTBA
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As an innovative financial service platform for global blockchain hash rate, Eminer service platform aims to re-define the mining industrial ecosystem based on blockchain hash rate. Based on the mainstream digital asset hash rates represented by Bitcoin and Ethernet, and the mining machine and mining plant, Eminer aims at transforming “hash rate” into a more efficient and circulating digital pass, thus redefining the value of the mining industry, and creating a blockchain hash rate financial service platform integrating hash rate services, financial services and information services.

Eminer service platform has been operated for more than half a year. With a large hash rate (320O), based on the hash rate of tens of thousands of mining machines, and combining ecological partners which might join Eminer platform in the future, Eminer has provided convenient mining services for users. Currently, Eminer supports the third-party mining field to provide hash rate services for users via competing for EM nodes, and gain EM at nodes or BTC and EM dual rewards.

Combining Trustworthy Delegated Proof of Stake (TDPoS), EMchain can achieve high concurrency under the prerequisite of data security and reliability to satisfy needs of financial service (DeFi, Decentralized Finance) on the chain. In this way, EM serves as a payment tool of Eminer financial service fees. Eminer service platform and its partners will obtain the requisite regulatory approvals according to local policies and regulations when carrying out such business.

Operation Director

Bithumb Exchange has completed the Eminer mainnet upgrade and will open the deposit and withdrawal of EM mainnet tokens at 16:30 on February 5, 2021(KST). https://cafe.bithumb.com/view/board-contents/1641520

Bithumb Exchange will temporarily close the deposit and withdrawal of EM at 12:00 (scheduled) (KST) on February 1, 2021 (Monday), to support Eminer's mainnet upgrade. https://cafe.bithumb.com/view/board-contents/1641520

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Цена0.0150 USDПродажа33,600,000Способ оплатыETH
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