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The Emirates Group of Companies is headquartered in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and consists of several licensed and regulated legal entities that meet the challenging demands of the current regulatory landscape in the blockchain space. The Group was founded in July 2014 as a technology and advisory provider focusing on digitalization of traditional legacy businesses by making efficient use of emerging technology such as blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Over the years the Group advised multiple local and international corporations, Governments and Regulators, and built successful projects in digital assets space.

Co-Founder & CEO
Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Emirex Lists Gold-backed BitAU (BAU) Coin 🚀

@BitAUCoin will be available for trading on the Emirex exchange in BAU/AED and BAU/USDT trading pairs as of 4 August🗓

Stay tuned and wait for official announcement!

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Hey, EmiCommunity!

We’ve prepared an ambitious Roadmap that will boost the #EmiSwap DEX in terms of liquidity, ecosystem, and growth.

Check our big plans in this article👉https://medium.com/emiswap/emiswaps-august-roadmap-insane-news-for-esw-holders-fa8131ff4148

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Do you know what is the total number of cryptocurrencies and why are there so many?🧐

In this article, we'll look at how many #cryptocurrencies there are and why new ones keep appearing.

Read the article👉https://bit.emirex.com/cryptocurrencies1

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We're delighted to announce that Crypto Masters and Emirex Crypto Exchange are official partners! 🎉🤝


We invite all our clients to get listed on this highly reputable exchange with special conditions!

@EMIREX_OFFICIAL 💫 Opportunity without barriers

The second round of the Initial Exchange Offering of Slavicoin (SLV) is still going on!🔥

#IEO Terms for Round 2:

🔸$SLV Price - 0.20 USDT
🔸IEO Token Allocation - 10M

Follow the link to join Slavicoin’s IEO now! 👉https://emirex.com/investments/ieo/18

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