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Название ICOEPOS
Дата начала24 февраля, 2018
Дата окончания08 марта, 2018
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We have been in the blockchain technology from their earliest stages. Especially in the last 2 years the market for crypto currencies exploded. We have seen the great volatility of individual currencies that prevail in the market and therefore had the idea to program a special EPOSoftware and visualize a user-friendly platform.
Safety is our priority. It took us over a year to complete the final product so you can benefit from the most advanced technology. EPOS Tokens are limited and in high demand, due to our outstanding approach in crypto technology.
After a long time of consideration we decided to create a peer-to-peer platform for everybody who wants to profit from the blockchain technology.
The vision of EPOS is to create a revolving Trading-platform which allows to make profits in the crypto currency market with just one mouse click, even if you are new to the matter of cryptocurrencies. With blockchain technology, we can achieve the vision of distributed assets through our EPOSoftware.
As crypto experts we see an incredible potential in it, in the next few years. EPOS is convinced of the powerful influence from the blockchain and cryptocurrency technology and already benefiting from it. What are you waiting
for? THE TIME IS NOW! We live in a very fast-paced world so the most important thing is to act instantly. The team believes everyone should benefit from the blockchain. We see this community as a big family, the aim is to help each other to make as much profit as possible.

Update! In the next few day´s you can look on your Dashboard and you will see that there are new applications available. Our lending program and our internal exchange will be online in the next time, but only as a Beta-Version! However, the functions will initially be limited.

Token Contracct Address: 0xde52f2b635db374c1ac139ee2b657f219e1429e7

Token Symbol: EPOS

Decimals: 8

Let´s Rock and don´t forget Everything is Possible 💯✅

Hello EPOS-Community! 🚀 Our lending platform is ready for the start, the last optimizations will be implemented this week.
The platform officially launches 5 days after the last sale.
In our whitepaper you will find more detailed information.
So stay tuned, your EPOS-Team! 🚀

Hello EPOS-Community!


We updated our dashboard. We have improved the overview and some features. In the next few days will come once again an update from the dashboard.🔄✅

So stay tuned, your EPOS-Team!💯
TELEGRAM ➡️ https://t.me/EPOSNEWS
#epos #cryptocurrency

Hello EPOS-Community!🚀🚀

Our website and the whitepaper have been extended to our customers' wishes. Part of the extension includes information and explanations of the EPOSoftware.

Check it out ✅
➡️ https://epos-ico.io/
➡️ https://epos-ico.io/whitepaper.pdf

Your EPOS-Team!

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Цена1 EPOS = 0.00069ETHПродажа12,400,000Способ оплатыETH, BTC
Минимальная инвестицияN/AРаспределение56%СобраноUnknown