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In this way, he made a Decentralized Reward System (DSO), a distributed structure for user remuneration, the foundation of the environment. By taking part in the ICO4 or acquiring some capacity in the system – the ERA asset – on an exchange after the ICO, any person can become a miner (forger): supporting the operation of the environment and earning money.

Dear friends!

We are completing testing and approaching the important date of our Road Map - the release of the beta version of the Erachain Blockchain Platform 4.11 beta



The Erachain team has intentions to develop it`s new product in the field of medicine and healthcare.

The new case will help monitor the circulation of drugs sold only by prescription

To make online purchases via Safe Pay customers only need to specify their phone number without having to provide their bank card billing data, so even if the hacker gets access to the customer’s computer, all he can know is the customer’s phone number. #blockchain


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