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Дата начала18 октября, 2018
Дата окончания11 декабря, 2018
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ETERBASE is a cryptocurrency exchange platform with a focus on multi-asset support and regulatory compliance. As we demonstrate in sections below, there is clearly an underserved market for a reliable cryptocurrency exchange with a robust operational and technological infrastructure on par with the large banks and Wall Street firms. 

We have designed our exchange platform and membership protocol to accommodate a wide variety trading of needs, with the intention of solving a number of key problems and common annoyances affecting the quality of trading experience on the first wave of digital asset exchanges.

ETERBASE is engaged in the process of building a robust and fully compliant platform that offers a broad range of B2C and B2B cryptocurrency-specialized solutions. These include a high-frequency trading platform capable of real-time spot trading and margin trading, over-the-counter trading, and high frequency server hosting with a directmarket access and incentive system for market makers.

Co-Founder / Business Lead
Co-Founder / Project Lead
Co-Founder / CTO

We are currently exploring options to pivot our business model to compensate our clients and holders of XBASE and EBASE. We are also hoping that @Europol will help with returning our funds from @binance and @HuobiGlobal.

Due to the fact that Eterbase has lost several important partners and financial providers, we are unfortunately forced to stop temporarily all our operations beginning April 19th 2021. Please, withdraw all your funds immediately.EBASE claims will be converted to EUR claims.

@Eterbase board had an important meeting with the National Criminal Agency and were confirmed that the case will be forwarded to @Europol. Currently, we are tracking 12M+ EUR worth of assets that ended up mainly on @Binance, @Huobi and @HitBTC.

@ETERBASE official investigation is progressing slowly, but surely. This week the first steps will be taken by the National Crime Agency. We hope that the case will be officially forwarded to @INTERPOL_Cyber. We tracked down 10M+ worth of hacked assets to @Binance and @Huobi.

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