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Название ICOEtheraffle
Дата начала29 марта, 2018
Дата окончания30 мая, 2018
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Etheraffle is an already existing, fully working and richly featured blockchain lottery ÐApp powered by ethereum. It is the only ethereum blockchain lottery to mimic the format of real world lotteries in order to provide familiarity to players, larger payouts due to the week long accumulation of prize pools, and security against the miner—centric attack vectors.

Founder & Head Developer
Head Of Operations
Communications Lead

Last chance saloon this afternoon! 12 hours remain to purchase #LOT directly from the contract, don't miss out! See http://etheraffle.com/ico for more details.

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There're still a few hours left for this weeks draw at http://etheraffle.com Get entering to win ETH, earn LOT and be a part of the only decentralized charitable blockchain lottery out there!

#Etheraffle #ethereum #lottery

Excellent team meeting this afternoon - update will be coming soon! Meanwhile get playing and winning ETH at http://etheraffle.com. Have a look at http://etheraffle.com/ico too to see why you should take part of the the only truly decentralized lottery in the world!


There's only an hour left to win ETH in this week's draw! Hurry and get entering at http://etheraffle.com!

#Etheraffle #charity #ethereum #blockchain #lottery

Get entering #Etheraffle today and you'll be able to use low gas prices and still get in the draw in time to win #ETH! Oh, and collect #LOT whilst you're at it! It's a win win really.

#charity #ethereum #blockchain #lottery

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