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We have designed a new concept that is perfectly suitable for blockchain applications, and propose a new public chain and ecosystem, everiToken, for the development of the Token Economy. The assets, certificates, and vouchers of the real world can be digitalized through the issuance of Tokens, and be easily used with unprecedented security, speed, and network compatibility.


Want to know how high everiToken has scored in Top Public Chains rating by the Institute of Chinese IT Ministry?

Find this and other exciting news in our Weekly Progress Report: https://medium.com/@everitoken/weekly-progress-report-december-9th-15th-1b9789ee3e73

Get a quick glance on our project news in Weekly Progress Report! New Mainnet version and improved Staking algorithm, some business travel and lots of work ahead. Read it now: https://medium.com/@everitoken/weekly-progress-report-november-25th-december-1st-3f417abbc614

A brief but significant Weekly Progress Report coming right up! Major news on everiToken Staking, major release notes and conference reports from our team members.

Read the details now: https://medium.com/@everitoken/weekly-progress-report-november-11th-17th-5d20d71eff2a

Huge update from the team: several big news from World Blockchain conference, and a brand new Mainnet release! Read more about our latest developments in our Weekly Progress Report: https://medium.com/@everitoken/weekly-progress-report-november-4th-10th-5c8df2f4a4e6

Glad to announce our partnership with Global Summit on Blockchain x AML 101 in by Oh Kims & ONC Lawyers in Hong Kong!

Expore the details of the conference and get your tickets here: https://ohkimslaw.com/aml101

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