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Название ICOEWA
Дата начала09 декабря, 2017
Дата окончания31 декабря, 2017
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EWA has created a format of new unique conditioning system, which works without Freon and with plain water serving as a coolant. EWA users are able to finance construction of a plant easily, anonymously and safely without any barriers and obstacles of a fiat world. EWA can help users gain maximum profit from manufactured conditioning systems, which is equal to the one gained by big investors due to a size effect and an opportunity to get profitable debt financing. EWA enables users to observe and control an innovative plant construction project implementation. For this purpose there will be developed a Web interface (Stone) for access to all current information. Users will get an opportunity to communicate in a single information space and vote for some initiatives and trends. With the continuous growth of the production output, it is assumed that it will contribute to: cost increase of distributable tokens, and increase of the volume of dividends paid to users.

General Director and CEO
Production Operations Manager

Hello everyone!
Bad news for all the EWA project participants and their bounty seekers.
We are sincerely sorry, but by the looks of it the company we were hired by turns out to be a SCAM that won’t fulfil its obligations to neither its investors nor contractors

EWA project investing means investing in an already finished product tested by loads and time.
For today, EWA air conditioner prototypes have already been developed and their serial production has been launched.
#ico #blockchain #cryptocurrency #business #EWA #ecowaterair

When talking about our EWA project, we often focuses on the fact that EWA conditioning system does not use Freon.

#ico #blockchain #cryptocurrency #business #EWA #ecowaterair

EWA - it is new unique air-conditioning system, which work without the use of freon. http://ecowaterair.io/eng

#ico #blockchain #cryptocurrency #business #EWA #ecowaterair

The ecology of our planet is in our hands! Think about it today and join our EWA project. For more information, visit http://ecowaterair.io/eng

#ico #blockchain #cryptocurrency #business #EWA #ecowaterair

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