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Название ICOFineCoin
Дата начала25 января, 2018
Дата окончания13 февраля, 2018
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FineCoin is a Cryptocurrency that aims to rebuild the financial system. It’s designed to give people the power to reach financial freedom and earn passive income by investing their assets for substantial returns. Forget about the banks, unrealistically high fees, and financial system that serves the government and not the people. This stops here. FineCoin gives you the ability to store, lend and transfer all your money with close to no fees. For businesses FineCoin gives the complete freedom to manage the money however one pleases - no restrictions and no taxes. Moreover, this is a secure system to gives business owners a peace of mind. Don’t miss the chance to invest in Europe’s finest coin.

So, seems like Twitter has decided to take it upon Cryptocurrency accounts. We do not want to cause any worry, but if you happen to see our channel disappear without any warning please go ahead and join our telegram community group http://t.me/finecoinsupport

Morning FINE people. The team is preparing the release of our wallets and the final discussions with our first external exchanges are taking place. How is your day so far? 😀

Some people cannot login to the website as it shows it is "forbidden". The development does not see any issues and most of you can still login normally. As we are trying to find the reason of this issue please use another browser to login.

We are working hard to get on external exchanges. We are currently communicating with a list of 62 external exchanges. Once our daily trading volume goes up we will be able to be seen on Coinmarketcap as well. We don't yet know how long this could take though!

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