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There are variouscontents providerssuch as writers, columnists, cartoonists,musicians,streamers, youtubers, and bloggers in online. However, online contents providers deliver contents to consumers through platforms that provide a market to show their contents because they cannot make a profit directlyfrom consumers on socialmedia platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. For example, musicians and streamersprovide their contents through music streaming service platforms like Spotify and game streaming platformssuchas Twitch. However, companies that connect subscribers and contents providers demand a significant proportion of revenueto contents providers as commission. Many recent studies showed that if musician can make direct transactions with their consumers by using blockchain technology, musicians’ profits may increase tenfold. If suchsmooth transactions are possible, contents providerscan be rewarded reasonably while consumers can enjoy contents at a muchlower cost.

While Socialmedia platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and 3 Reddit were able to achieve a multi-billion-dollar market cap based on free user- generated contents, users who providedcontents through these platformsdid not earnany direct profits. In 2014,Reddit mentionedthat if contents providerswere rewarded fairly, Reddit wouldhave become a platformproviding much more valuablecontents than it is now. This is truenotonly for Reddit,but also for Facebook and Twitter. If contents providershad madeproper profits from their posts,they wouldhave been motivated to update more of their knowhowsand high-quality information in their contents.

In conclusion, by usingthe blockchaintechnologynot only can we improve the current inefficientreward system for contents providers and consumers,but also potentiallycreate a new market withinthis field.

Co-founder, Developer
Co-founder, Developer
Product & UI Designer
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