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Goodwill Economy is a free society aimed at addressing social inequality presented by economic, political, and governance disparity through collective goodwill. Through Goodwill Coins, we aim to motivate participants in forming public-private partnerships to directly to foster participatory citizen engagement on governance and policy formation to create Goodwill Economy driven by the use of Goodwill Coins and goodwill intentions of the participants to work for the benefit of all Goodwill Economy participants. 

Now that everyone is back from vacation this week, I’ll be sharing two #tech trends every day that I’m keeping an eye on as we enter the next decade. Here's how the 2020s will likely bring about more transformative change: http://bit.ly/39Lz1Bd

Korean startup Fillit has launched a handy makeup case for your smartphone. Essentially it is a pocket-friendly makeup kit meant to be used when you are on the go.

#Fillit #KoreanBeautyProducts #BlessedMoon


Software developer Farid Movsumov has launched Botmake, a super simple and clean chatbot creation tool that lets business owners design their own chatbots.

#Botmake #Bots #Chatbots


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