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GovBlocks is built as an open, permissionless decision protocol for decentralized governance powered by a curation network. It enables adaptability, self-sustainability and easy management of decentralized applications by allowing them to configure an enhanced and dynamic governance layer, capable of managing a large, varied and constantly growing range of factors of decision making in a decentralized network. The decision protocol aims to provide 1) a modular, configurable governance approach to suit the ever-changing needs of a community and 2) ability to deploy a curation network that provides decentralized crowdsourced intelligence at scale for efficiently managing resources of a community.

Founder, Project Lead
Co-founder, Technology Lead
Community Lead

🚀@TryPlotX $PLOT has revealed its Roadmap for 2021

NFTs, Positions Trading, Pooled Staking and many more features getting incorporated into the PlotX ecosystem will be implemented the next few quarters.

👉 https://research.plotx.io/t/community-feedback-announcing-plotx-roadmap-2021/81

Implementing on-chain governance requires patience and community support.

If a DeFi project tells you that we’re doing governance votes on “discord channels” and then executes the decision themselves, you should understand the risks of investing in such projects.


If you build on Ethereum, which is not anonymous, but you are anonymous coz you think you‘re the next Satoshi - you are basically fuc*ing with everyone.

The sad part being, retailers think it’s cool and get FOMOed into buying such shit.

Hey tweeple, unveiling http://PlotX.io (previously called http://Plotus.io) today.

Been working on this since Feb'20 along with @nitikagoel_, @karticrakhra, @slugsloth and the amazing team at @somish_in

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