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GovBlocks is built as an open, permissionless decision protocol for decentralized governance powered by a curation network. It enables adaptability, self-sustainability and easy management of decentralized applications by allowing them to configure an enhanced and dynamic governance layer, capable of managing a large, varied and constantly growing range of factors of decision making in a decentralized network. The decision protocol aims to provide 1) a modular, configurable governance approach to suit the ever-changing needs of a community and 2) ability to deploy a curation network that provides decentralized crowdsourced intelligence at scale for efficiently managing resources of a community.

Founder, Project Lead
Co-founder, Technology Lead
Community Lead

We're excited to announce that we've joined the 2021 #Blockchain Cohort of the @UNICEF Innovation Fund.

This will help us deliver our vision of bringing #DecentralizedGovernance to the fore & empowering DApps with community-led decision making

Read more: https://medium.com/govblocks/govblocks-joins-the-2021-blockchain-cohort-of-the-unicef-innovation-fund-43307ad75c5d

[email protected] Venture Fund is awarding up to $100,000 to #blockchain startups, including India’s @GovBlocks.

Here are the other projects ⬇️ https://bit.ly/2Tez84t

Congrats @GovBlocks from India for winning the UNICEF venture fund for blockchain technology 🎉

https://forkast.news/unicef-venture-fund-blockchain-govblocks-india/ via @forkast_news

#bitcoin #DAO #DeFi

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