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Дата окончания31 декабря, 2018
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Gramarye Media is a disruptive book publisher, a film studio, a game developer, and more. We’re the world’s first content incubator. Gramarye Media is the cross-media entertainment studio of the future, the first on the east coast — discovering, incubating, vetting, producing, and distributing original content, including books, films, games, AR and VR, merchandise, and more. We’re disrupting the Hollywood studio model. With budgets soaring, original content is risky because it lacks brand awareness. Meanwhile, analysts and executives agree: the cycle of sequels and remakes is presenting increasing danger to industry profitability. In addition, there is tremendous waste built into the Hollywood system. Executives and analysts agree: Hollywood spends at least twice what it should making films.

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I'll be doing a live reading tonight from Raven Wakes the World, published by @TheStoryPlant. Please join if you can.

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For those that missed it, my interview about writing books and making movies is online now!


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For those who like to plan their Christmas 2021 shopping way, way early ... this is the official cover reveal for next year's winter tale, coming from our pals at @TheStoryPlant. The cover design is by the ever-amazing @carolbales. #writerslift #books #2021 #writingcommmunity

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