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Дата начала01 июня, 2019
Дата окончания11 июня, 2019
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In tourism, there are a huge number of intermediaries that make our holidays so expensive. But traveling provides brightest emotions.

Thus, the main purpose of Guider.travel is to make the world of tourism easy and affordable for travelers.

Guider.travel niche is providing direct contact of a tourist and a guide under Uber principle.

The main Guider.travel's task is to facilitate and speed up a search for a suitable guide, as well as to fulfill guides potential. Guider allows not only to sell standard package tours, but also to book guide's time in a flexible way, find unique offers for every taste, which are difficult to find on other portals. At the same time, the project aims to ensure maximum compatibility between a guide and a tourist, from reviews and rankings to customized recommendations through neural processing of accumulated and external data.

Guider.travel is all for open borders, for immersion in the environment of local residents, for a new communication experience!

At present, Guider.travel successfully operates in the Russian market. The portal offers 2,000 original tours by 500 Russian-speaking guides around the world. Arrangement of guide services has been one of the few tourist markets actually not represented online, and that opens up the prospect of entering and strengthening the Guider.travel's position in the world market.

The use of blockchain technology ensures that participants comply with the terms of transaction, which is very important in p2p interaction. It will increase the overall credibility of the portal. The internal use of tokens will reduce the commission rates for conversion of various currencies. Investments will ensure the development of personal recommendations mechanism using a neural network, which will save tourists' time when searching for guides and reading feedback, as well as provide supplementary marketing opportunities for the portal.

Thus, it will be profitable for Guider.travel users to purchase tokens, thus creating demand on the exchange. Besides, the tokens you will pay for the rest of the system's commission rate will be burned, thereby reducing the number of tokens being in free circulation, which leads to an increase in their value on the exchange. Unlike other projects, we will not come up with forecast values of tokens after a while. Any forecasts of this kind, as practice shows, have nothing to do with the reality. Token price depends on a large number of factors that cannot be predicted. However, in this Whitepaper we will accurately calculate the financial model of the project and will show its economic efficiency. The project cost can be extrapolated to the token price growth. In the future, all financial operation of the portal will be carried out with the help of tokens.

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