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Название ICOHarbor
Дата начала03 июля, 2018
Дата окончания02 августа, 2018
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Harbor platform
Harbor platform aims to deliver value beyond that of cryptocurrency. It is a software distribution platform based on its own cryptocurrency which allows sellers to use services more safely and transparently and create more value. Harbor makes a foundation for developing new software that blends with blockchain technology and financial services.

Execution manager, Developing smart contracts and cross-platform SDK
System architect, Developing smart contracts and cross-platform SDK
Core developer of cyport, Developing blockchain business service.

Our team planned the first ICO in October 2017. However, after the announcement of the government's sanctions, we delayed the timetable and decided to proceed with ICO after prototype development.
After completing the... https://www.facebook.com/HarborToken/posts/578536492607852

We have been involved in the "Harbor Bot" project since last December.
After ICO's failure, many plans and developments have shrunk and changed.
We will release a service called cyport.

Harbor UAICO has not achieved sufficient fund raising.
We have returned all funds we have invested and HarborToken has not issued.
However, Harbor project was not interrupted. We have decided to focus on development... https://www.facebook.com/HarborToken/posts/499963057131863

Underlying Asset as a Momentum for Stability and Steady Increase in Price

https://medium.com/@junghan.kim/underlying-asset-as-a-momentum-for-stability-and-steady-increase-in-price-b3f52b05ac40 https://medium.com/@junghan.kim/underlying-asset-as-a-momentum-for-stability-and-steady-increase-in-price-b3f52b05ac40

Additional Issuance about UAICO

https://medium.com/@junghan.kim/the-value-of-a-cryptocurrency-and-additional-issuance-bbc1d4350c1e https://medium.com/@junghan.kim/the-value-of-a-cryptocurrency-and-additional-issuance-bbc1d4350c1e

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