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Whether through messaging systems, online communities, social networks, or the advent of the sharing economy enabled by peer-to-peer marketplaces, Internet applications have provided unprecedented opportunity for billions of users to interact and engage in content, connection and commerce. While such applications have enabled users to come into contact with many more people virtually, a lack of virtual trust between strangers has hindered the realization of greater economic value for users on the Internet.

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We recently turned off the HUB token withdrawal feature on Hub. Since we recently experienced an unusually high number of withdrawal requests, we were looking into ways to efficiently support these withdrawals.

Hub Token Investor Update - October 2021

Many exciting updates this month in our update.

Please take a look on Hub at:

Thanks for being part of our community of change-makers.

Many of you have had questions on withdrawals. Updates can be found here:


Social Platforms called out among the web3 tech a16z plans to invest $3.1 Billion into.


Hustle your way into the Game On! VIP NFT networking event & Referral Challenge

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