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Название ICOHyperionX
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Hyperion is the tallest of 3 trillion trees on Earth at a height of 380.31+ ft (115.92+ m). The tree was named after the Greek Titan Hyperion, which translates to "The High One" and is said to be 1,260 years old. Hence, we thought it a fitting name for the first platform or “tree”on Tree Blockchain, and so Hyperion Protocol came into fruition. Tree Blockchain will be our custom chain that will support our ecosystem and Tree Token (TREE) will be the energy to power it.

Founder & Project Leader
Brand Architect & Design Lead
Content Curator

Big shoutout to the MetaPod DAO Pitch Competition winners!

1st ($10k) - @avahalvai from @artxvnft
2nd ($5k) - @DisruptionJoe w/ Sybil resistant subDAOs
3rd ($2.5k) - @cosmoburn from @poapathon
People's Choice ($1k) - Natalie from @wolverineweb3

Time to accelerate & evolve🦋

🚨 7 more days to apply for the MetaPod Pitch Competition! Apply at https://discord.gg/erpF4vnE7T by Jan 31st and win up to $10K during the Finals at @EthereumDenver

Time's running out ⏱ - what will you do, trainer? 🔻

Submissions for the MetaPod Pitch Competition close in 5 days! ⏱

Have a DAO idea? Sign up for the MetaPod Pitch Competition today at https://discord.gg/erpF4vnE7T & battle it out for $10K in grant prizes! 🎙

TGIF! It's 1 week since our launch and we are now 3 days away from the MetaPod Pitch Competition's application deadline ⏱

Here's what we've been up to, as applications continue streaming in 👇

Wow, some really amazing projects applied to pitch their DAO ideas at the @MetaPodDAO Launch Event in @EthereumDenver!

It's narrowed daown to the top 20 DAO pitches for the Qualifying Event held this Friday @ 4pm MST in our Discord.

Join us 👇

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Цена1 TREE = 0.04 USDПродажа700,000,000Способ оплатыETH
Минимальная инвестицияN/AРаспределение70%СобраноN/A