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The Hypernet Foundation is launching the Hypernet protocol in order to make high- performance parallel computing a consumer good. Currently, only large corporations can truly benefit from massively parallel computing by exploiting their oligopoly on consol- idated computing power. However, abundant processing power from the industrial In- ternet and data from ubiquitous, inexpensive sensing technologies will soon make decen- tralized computing more powerful and less expensive than centralized models. Hypernet takes advantage of this trend through a new parallel programming model that unites the power of blockchain technology with the simplicity and robustness of distributed average consensus to enable high-performance computing on the decentralized, heterogeneous, dynamic networks of the future. This technology will finally empower consumers to take on ambitious, novel, massively parallel projects in big data, AI, and modeling with the tools to compete against the likes of Google, Amazon, and Facebook – and win.

Lesser-known cryptos and #NFTs are spiking in popularity recently, probably due to low interest rates and people looking for ways to spend their stimulus money.

#Crypto #Bitcoin

Even though there are plenty of other ransomware gangs still operating, U.S. government pressure on these groups seems to be paying off.

#Ransomware #CyberSecurity #Ragnarok

Could VR be the future of remote workplaces? Facebook seems to think so.

#FacebookVR #OculusRift #Metaverse

More progress in getting civilian flights into space, exciting to see!

#JeffBezos #BlueOrigin #Space

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