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Название ICOIDMoney
Дата начала01 июля, 2018
Дата окончания31 августа, 2018
СтранаCosta Rica
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The rapidly evolving world of crypto has reminded us that regulation tends to lag behind technology. The explosion of cryptocurrencies and their decentralized platform, has forced governments to take notice and figure out just what these technologies mean for the future of finance, commerce, centralized authority, and precisely what role governments will play in the economies of the future. Watching the meteoric rise of blockchain technology, governments have seen its benefits but are grasping to understand and govern it.

IDMONEY offers a new crypto Governance model: One that is Social, Public and Global. Through the creation of IDMONEY tokens, the development of a tailored decentralized blockchain software, and an established model of governance, IDMONEY offers a solution through ownership. As the first public crypto, IDMONEY will take this three-tiered company and transfer ownership to three local governments (IDMONEY ownership will ONLY be extended on a local/municipal level).

Having local municipalities take ownership of the IDMONEY crypto token and decentralized software, places them in the unique position of having a vested interest in establishing the governance necessary to drive success. And in doing so, truly institute a governance model that considers both the regulations and the freedoms necessary to foster continued technological advancement. Giving way to the IDMONEY

The IDMONEY project will be the precursor to what will become GLOBAL MONEY. GLOBAL MONEY will expand on IDMONEY’S WHITE PAPER the effective governance model established by the three local governments which run IDMONEY. A new company evolved from the IDMONEY model; GLOBAL MONEY will offer software that has been fine-tuned, improved upon and perfected to serve a wider global government community.

The GLOBAL MONEY mission is to become a decentralized multi-government currency, with a collaborative model that allows each individual to manage their personal information and finance.

GLOBAL MONEY´s Smart Contract will present each individual with both the technology and the opportunity to develop an independent, transparent and decentralized token model that has not been possible via central bank. GLOBAL MONEY aims to transform itself into a world bank that has all the benefits of a regular bank but eliminates all the hassles and centralization issues of a traditional one.

Note: IDMONEY administrative model is decentralized, without a CEO. There will be a Council Board that will define which decisions may or may not be made by the team. The Roadmap and information included in this Whitepaper are guidelines for the successful implementation of the IDMONEY project.

While IDMONEY will provide the software and governance model for chosen local governments to manage, implement and promote, the IDMONEY team will not be tasked with its operation. IDMONEY will, however, provide a community of experts who will work together to offer support and propose strategies to participating local governments.


Nuestro objetivo es crear un nuevo modelo económico y un sistema de pagos en la cadena de bloques basado en el activo digital "Global" que se emite gracias al derecho humano de tener o no identidad virtual.

Con la Fundación Vida Salud para levantáremos una campaña solidaria de recaudación de fondos debido a la crisis económica y sanitaria provocada por el covid-19 , esperamos que las personas puedan contribuir y ser solidarios en estos tiempo de necesidad para más afectados.

En la actualidad el manejo de intenciones como parte de la identidad virtual, IDMMW está desarrollando un software que pueda ser utilizado para tener un incentivo económico a través de las intenciones que dan los usuarios en sus espacios digitales, esto es "Money Making Wallet".

IDM- Making Wallet sigue desarrollando e innovando para las personas con el fin de crear un nuevo modelo de activos digitales basados en derechos humanos; por eso hoy les damos a conocer que Money Making Wallet es nuestro producto principal.

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Цена1 IDM = 0.00075 ETHПродажа16,000,000Способ оплатыETH
Минимальная инвестиция0.1 ETHРаспределение45%СобраноN/A
Софт-кап500 ETHХард-кап12,000 ETH