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Дата начала24 ноября, 2017
Дата окончания23 декабря, 2017
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Made for total success

Bank Deposits, Securities, Or #Crypto #Trading Bots?

The most popular #investment tools available on the market nowadays are those that have proven their worth and stability in terms of returns.

Comparison analysis -


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Butterfly #Trading Strategy

The strategy is based on Bollinger Bands, Bill Williams Fractal analysis and CCI indicator. It is designed to trade with a market trend reversal.

An image shows the successful #trade with a profit of 2,488.30 #USDT or +7.84% from depo.


Galaxy Trading Strategy

The strategy is based on BollingerBands indicator with an aim to catch the market bounce.

Image shows successful LONG position with a profit of +1,715.17 USDT (+4.79%)

Bot marketplace - https://web.investy.io/strategy

#trading #crypto #bitcoin #blockchain

Top-5 #Trading Bots To Look For In 2019

The #cryptocurrency market segment continues to grow, therefore the demand for the automation of trading processes increases. Have a look at the best trading solutions on the market 👇


#blockchain #eth #btc #USDT

A Concrete #Guide on How to Connect your First http://Investy.io Trading Bot for @binance

The #cryptocurrency market never sleeps! That is why the Investy #trading platform has made sure that every morning of yours has become enjoyable!


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