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Название ICOioeX
Дата начала18 апреля, 2019
Дата окончания18 апреля, 2019
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1 год назад

IoeX is focused on smart devices with computing, storage, and network capabilities in the IoT sector. These include smart devices and application scenarios in which central box terminals are used to drive dumb terminals and compile the generated information.

CEO & Founder
COO & Co-Founder
Chief Sales Officer

[email protected] Taiwan Exhibition
We are in the startup innovation area of the Exhibition

【2021 Touch Taiwan Exhibition】
📌Time: 4/21 Wednesday ~ 4/23 Friday
📌Venue: Nangang Exhibition Hall 1, 4F TAINEX 1, 4F
📌Free registration: https://www.touchtaiwan.com/

Arctos Biweekly Report: Mar 28th - Apr 11th
The biggest news of the past two weeks is 5G mobile SNG! Arctos Switch is used in a smart factory with low-latency remote monitoring! Click for more...


🗞Arctos is on the news!

📣Economic Daily: "...at the press conference... via the 5G "mobile SNG service" live broadcast at the Taipei press conference, linked with CHPT' Pingzhen factory in Taoyuan... "mobile SNG service" AKA Arctos Switch.

[email protected] BOOT CAMP
🙏Thanks to KPMG for the invitation! The iHH team is honored to participate in KPMG's startup boot camp today. At the event, we are grateful to KPMG for the great agenda and the wonderful startup experience exchanges.

We apply 5G in various industry

iHH team participated in the Press conference of "5G Smart Manufacturing" 📸last week. Via Arctos Switch, the two places vido streaming is connected in real-time to the smart factory🏇

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