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Sports data analysis enabled the analysis of the performance of individual athletes or a team based on the objectively collected data more in detail than the existing methods, thereby contributing to the development of the overall sports industry.

The objective data using the collected data and the intuitive judgment based on the long experience of the professional leaders are complementary, and the proper combination of the two concepts enables optimized and efficient management.

A movie, "Moneyball" based on a true story, shows the value of sports data analysis in detail, but also shows the limitations of the management entirely relies on data.

Sports data analysis can serve as a great tool in the decisions of the coaching staff. If a coaching staff relies solely on data or vice versa, he or she will have to operate in an extremely biased way, and it will be difficult to expect good results. However, when the objective data and the intuitive judgment of professional coaching staff are appropriately combined, a very positive effect can be expected.

The sports data analysis became possible by the combination of advanced technologies, and it has been mainly used only in the adult professional league or the national level, which is a low volume in the whole sports industry (approximately 2% of the total).

Especially, the importance of youth level sports seems to be recognized in the existing sports world, but the development speed is slow due to lack of operational know-how and profitability.

With the introduction of sports data analysis at the youth level, many young athletes are given more objectivity evaluation than the existing ones, and through this, the healthy youth sports ecosystem can be developed, which ultimately provides an environment that can nurture more excellent athletes. This will lead it to the enhancement of the overall sports industry.

ISDA focuses on this reality and seeks to apply sports data analysis to the youth level. And the unique profit structure of the ISDA platform and the operational know-how of the team members and partners will solve the existing problems, and by combining the Big Data, AI, AR, VR and blockchain, ISDA will build a youth sports ecosystem with a virtuous cycle through the platform.

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