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What most people don’t know is that recruiters get an average of 20% of the first year’s 1 salary for anyone they place in a job, adding up to $150+ billion dollars a year in the USA, and $638 billion globally. That impact comes directly out of companies’ bottom line profits. Instead of potentially re-investing in their business with sales programs, training initiatives or even larger salaries and bonuses, those billions are going into the pockets of recruiters. Recruitment firms ask for a lot of information - personal contact details, work history and skillset. The current industry incentivises gathering and storing of candidate’s private data to be later resold to third parties. But perhaps that’s unfair.

Co-Founder Interoperability Alliance
Cloud and Blockchain Infrastructure Architect, CTO at GoChain
Co-Founder - CEO of ChainVisory

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Are you concerned that you may lose your job to automation? How can you prepare for the rise of robots in the workplace? @AlisonDoyle via @thebalance shares how you can expand your skill set so you can perform tasks that robots cannot. #Job #Automation https://www.thebalancecareers.com/robot-takeover-is-your-job-at-risk-of-automation-4169632

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