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Jur offers a more efficient legal contract and dispute resolution system that delivers reliable results and immediate enforcement to replace the current inefficient, costly, slow system. Jur is built on the blockchain to guarantee tamper-proof reliability. Jur uses the principles of game theory to harness the power of the wisdom of the crowd. Economic incentives motivate voters to help resolve disputes at near zero cost to the parties in dispute and guarantee reliably fair results.

CEO And Cofounder

I see you @JurProject 👀 IMO one of the most under hyped - quietly achieving projects in both the traditional and crypto tech realms 🌎 Completely transforming the current justice system as we know it $JUR $VET https://jur.io/blog/news/jur-market-report-6-q1-2021/?utm_source=Jur+Official+Website&utm_campaign=0047f66403-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_12_27_03_48_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_287cfba566-0047f66403-412734137

Jur Market Report #6: Q1 2021

Jur, being a responsible stakeholder and a $JUR token holder, has chosen to be transparent about its token management to keep the community and other contributors informed.


Doors are now open for the private beta release of the Open Justice, Jur’s online dispute resolution platform.

Are you an arbitrator, lawyer or claimant willing to upgrade to the next level? Apply now ➡️ https://jur.io/blog/news/private-beta-launch-open-justice-online-dispute-resolution-platform/

#odr #onlinedisputeresolution #virtualarbitration

🔎 Jur’s #Whitepaper 3 is here.

The challenges brought by the pandemic has fueled our desire to build our #onlinedisputeresolution platform even more.

Let us share the developments with you.

Read about it here:

With @Radboud_Uni #TechLawClinics

We met 80 promising law students and introduced them Jur’s #onlinedisputeresolution platform to empower the future of #legaltech 👩‍⚖️👨‍⚖️



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ЦенаN/A Продажа400,000,000 Способ оплатыETH
Минимальная инвестицияN/A Распределение40% СобраноN/A
Софт-капN/A Хард-капN/A
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