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Jur offers a more efficient legal contract and dispute resolution system that delivers reliable results and immediate enforcement to replace the current inefficient, costly, slow system. Jur is built on the blockchain to guarantee tamper-proof reliability. Jur uses the principles of game theory to harness the power of the wisdom of the crowd. Economic incentives motivate voters to help resolve disputes at near zero cost to the parties in dispute and guarantee reliably fair results.

Meet Jur’s Tech Product Manager @tyagi_shuchi at @PolkadotNowInd in #Bangalore this weekend, as she shares how Jur envisions the future of governance with its #deGov layer and #DAO 2.0 stack for scaling to millions 🚀

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Last 3 days to apply to the Startup Society Founders’ Awards.

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In his video message to the Jur community, @TimDraper discusses how the Startup Society Founders' Awards offer an opportunity to explore the future of governance and the potential of the Network State movement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_-E5GmblU4

Last week to enter The Startup Society Founders’ Awards and pitch your #StartupSociety to our panel of prominent judges: @TimDraper @trentmc0 @edhesse79

The top 5 winners will receive $2000 and 1000 $JUR each plus support from the Jur team.

Learn more: https://jur.io/society-awards/?utm_source=social&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=judPost

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