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Название ICOKadena
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Kadena is developing the leading blockchain platforms for businesses and entrepreneurs by solving the scalability & security concerns that impede widespread blockchain adoption and offering simple solutions & tools for developing on a blockchain.

Following last week’s #KadenaEco Project Spotlight, we’ll be hosting a Live YouTube interview with the @IoCrankk's Founder!

Tune in this week Wednesday (8/10) at 5PM ET as @alviso discusses Crankk’s Proof-of-Coverage LoRaWan Crypto Network on @Kadena_io!


We’re thrilled to announce the return of @Kadena_io’s Live Telegram AMA this Thursday (8/11) @ 2 PM ET!

Join the #KadenaEco & Core teams as they answer the most burning community question!

Be sure to leave your questions with #KDA_AMA!

After a resounding success this past year in distributing over 2.3M $KDA to 163 Bonders, the bonding program will be ending on 8/15 to power new #DeFi projects through #KadenaEco!

Thank you everyone for helping test & provide economic security to the Kadena Chain Relay Program!

Congratulations to the @KaddeXofficial team for a successful launch of their #DEX on Kadena!

With more assets continuing to be listed on their DEX & and their wallet, @XWalletOfficial, it's no surprise that Kaddex will spearhead #DeFi ecosystem growth on @Kadena_io!


Kaddex is now officially LIVE! 🚀

The evolution of #DeFi on @kadena_io is here! 🛹

Visit http://kaddex.com to start swapping, providing liquidity, staking and accruing voting power now!


July has been full of announcements from #KadenaEco. Let's take a look at the highlights from @kadena_io's ecosystem this past month!

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