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Kadena is developing the leading blockchain platforms for businesses and entrepreneurs by solving the scalability & security concerns that impede widespread blockchain adoption and offering simple solutions & tools for developing on a blockchain.

Blockchain is best thought of as a settlement layer. If fast finality were so important neither BTC or ETH would have succeeded. @kadena_io's scalability and security come from advantages offered by Nakamoto consensus/Proof of Work, with one in particular: non-interactivity. \1

The Future is near! Fast, secure and scalable PoW blockchain, #opensource smart contract language #PACT, great partnerships and renowned investors!
See you in the future!

@kadena_io $KDA


With the success of PoW Ethereum and mega-wealth for insiders, perhaps it's no accident that Eth 2.0 is forever delayed. Casper v1 PoS could have shipped years ago, but that would put ETH at risk. They know PoW is more secure. With @kadena_io it's scalable, proven -- and shipped.

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