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Название ICOKINEKT Terminals
Дата начала01 октября, 2018
Дата окончания31 декабря, 2018
СтранаSouth Africa
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Cryptocurrency Transactions 
With the significant global growth in popularity of cryptocurrencies, there has been an urgent  need for methods of using these currencies as a means of payment within traditional markets. However, the only means of using cryptocurrency as means of payments to date have been by connecting Visa or Mastercard's to existing Cryptocurrency Wallets (i.e. Bitcoin Wallets), or through the introduction of dedicated Cryptocurrency Terminals or ATM's. Unfortunately these means simply add to a market already fragmented, costly and inefficient. The KINEKT Terminal overcomes this problem by enabling both traditional and cryptocurrency type transactions to processed without exclusion of the other simply by having providers plug into the KINEKT Cloud.
Mobile Wallet Transactions
 Ever since the development and roll-out of NFC there has global efforts by the banking industry, and wallet providers to have merchants upgrade to the latest PCI / EMV compliant terminals in order to give their customers the option to perform contactless payment & related transactions. However, to date the market roll-out and customer participation have been slow due to the high cost to merchants and most of the world still preferring to use either cash or traditional bank cards etc. The KINEKT Terminal overcomes this problem by enabling any mobile wallet providers in the world to simply plug into the KINEKT Cloud in order for their customers to transact at participating merchant points of sale without expensive terminal upgrades being required.
Bank Card Transactions
Banks and card companies are increasingly put under pressure by merchants to offer lower card transaction processing fees for physical point of sale terminals. Unfortunately the design of the bank card payment terminal networks make the reduction of fees difficult due to too many intermediaries involved in processing "pull payment" type transactions between card issuing banks and acquiring banks. However, the most recent global efforts of the banking industry and card companies to introduce direct peer to peer "push payments" for the internet and personal customer to customer transactions, make it possible for KINEKT to extend this feature as a low cost P2B customer to merchant payment means not possible using current bank card terminals.
Loyalty Transactions
 One of the biggest pain points experienced by both merchants and end using customers are the use of separate terminals to process loyalty transactions & bank card payments. This increases cost and forces additional transaction steps onto participants, whilst adding to a fragmented  market etc. This business model also limits the opportunities for merchants and multiple other potential 3rd party service providers to generate extra revenue streams at physical points of sale. However, the agnostic design of the KINEKT Terminal make it possible to include every 3rd party service provider transaction in one seamless step - i.e. managed by Artificial Intelligence automatically selecting a customer's default cards based on choice and the terminal used.
Unbanked Transactions
 There is an estimated 2 billion unbanked and underbanked people in the world not able to benefit from bank card related payment services to purchase goods and services at physical points of sale. This is mostly due to the remote locations of this market, the cost of banking services, and the lack of infrastructure to use card related services such as ATM's and merchant bank card terminals. However, the KINEKT Terminal make it possible for the banking industry,  mobile wallet providers and merchants to gain access to these remote markets by way of its internal GSM connection to the cloud, and Fingerprint reader to identify customer accounts during the transaction process instead of issuing traditional bank cards etc.
Charity Transactions
 The charity donation market is a multi-billion industry rife with inefficiencies, particularly at the physical point of sale. This market segment typically uses physical tins located at merchant points of sale usually benefitting just one charity at the expense of others, whilst the cost of collecting physical small change is up to 90% of the funds raised. However, the independent agnostic nature of the KINEKT Terminal make it possible to perform the function of a "digital tin" capable of automatically or manually collecting small change amounts from the public as part of the normal payment process. Once signed up end-users will have the option to determine how much to donate and which charities, schools or churches to support with their donations.

CTO Adviser
China Market Advisor
Founder and CEO

We have competed our MVP for the SME / Street Vendor underbanked market. Large merchant chains will have free software installed on their cash registers that will simply wait for the call after the total is determined.

See it in action here... https://youtu.be/j0UHHnL1WOU

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