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Название ICOKriptotrackers Token
Дата начала22 июля, 2019
Дата окончания22 августа, 2019
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1 год назад
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This work describes the objective, functionality and technical aspects of the project Kriptotrackers KTS, which is the product of a collaborative platform, with the principal purpose to track foremost characteristics related to Fundamental Analysis of projects related to Blockchain Technology. Thus, the main purpose is to create a reliable source of information about cryptocurrencies, and provide an indispensable tool for anyone whom wants to start in the exciting world of cryptocurrencies trade market.

This project has a partnership with Turing Investments part of Oeste Group (http://oeste.xyz), a Mexican Company dedicated to Blockchain Technology. Oeste had been awarded national and internationally in Big Data application for its expertise. In 2016 participate in the International Fair of Tourism (FITUR by its initial in Spanish) and achieved a spot among the finalists in the touristic innovation by developing a Big Data based platform for the perception analysis of Mexican touristic destinies, this platform was developed for the Tourism Ministry of Mexico (SECTUR).

Co-Founder, Blockchain Developer
Co-Founder, Project Advisor
Co-Founder, Project Advisor

Con Blockchain y Big Data analiza de forma responsable y segura la información de cada transacción. 💻🔒💰

#blockchain #criptomonedas #bigdata #KryptoRedeem #tecnología

Tezos Foundation will soon launch Tezos Satoshi's Treasure Hunt a multiplayer game, and will require the solution of riddles to receive Tezos from a prize fund of 1 million $XTZ.

x42 Protocol is a project focused to be feeless. Near Instant. Proof of stake (#PoS). Customizable side #blockchains and smart contracts. #Decentralized applications. No initial coin offering #ICO.

#100days100coins $x42 $KTS

Do you know @decred have a constant #BugBounty program? To acces just go to its website and click on the bounty button.
#100days100coins $DCR $KTS


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