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Название ICOLamden
Дата начала01 декабря, 2017
Дата окончания03 января, 2018
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In the past several years, we have seen an influx of blockchain technologies hit- ting the market. These technologies are touted as a means to an end of the centralized banking and financial systems. However, these blockchains rely on flawed systems that do not take into account the application of said technologies into the current infrastructure space. As a result, blockchain technology is seg- regated from the mainstream financial systems, and thus is ironically hindered by achieving its end goal.
The Lamden Project is an effort to create software development tools that increase the mass adoption of blockchain technology so infrastructure can revo- lutionize the market systems and cause realistic innovation within the markets.Laid out in this white paper is our critiques of the current state of the markets, and how we plan on improving this space.

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Counting down features that make Lamden better…

4️⃣ Open source — GitHub offers complete transparency and saves developers time since they can reuse features others have already built into their smart contracts.


Happy Friday! The pace is already picking up in 2022 with a number of notable updates this week from the Mint or Burn, LambDoge, and Nebula teams! 🔥


$TAU #Python

Counting down features that make Lamden better…

5️⃣ Profitable — Developers are incentivized to create amazing dApps since 90% of each transaction fee is currently returned to the dApp creator.


We’re continually making improvements to the Telegram Lamden Bot - updated charts! 🤖 If it’s your first time, login to Telegram, send a direct message to @lamden_bot and type /help to get a list of the available commands at your disposal. $TAU #Python


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