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Название ICOLamden
Дата начала01 декабря, 2017
Дата окончания03 января, 2018
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In the past several years, we have seen an influx of blockchain technologies hit- ting the market. These technologies are touted as a means to an end of the centralized banking and financial systems. However, these blockchains rely on flawed systems that do not take into account the application of said technologies into the current infrastructure space. As a result, blockchain technology is seg- regated from the mainstream financial systems, and thus is ironically hindered by achieving its end goal.
The Lamden Project is an effort to create software development tools that increase the mass adoption of blockchain technology so infrastructure can revo- lutionize the market systems and cause realistic innovation within the markets.Laid out in this white paper is our critiques of the current state of the markets, and how we plan on improving this space.

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Chief of Operations
Chief of Technology

Go check out the rundown of yesterday's 🔥Fireside chat🔥 up on our blog.

A big thanks to Clay99 for transcribing it 🏆

$TAU #cryptonews #blockchain

Join us for a live Fireside Chat at @8pm EDT/5pm PDT.

We will discuss nodes, ETH Bridge, Rocketswap and much more!

YouTube live link will be shared closer to the start time.

Hope you can join us 👌

$TAU #cryptonews #blockchain

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