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Initial ecosystem traction will be obtained by integrating Librium inside SparkSales.io, a rooted player in the “sales-as-a-service” space. SparkSales.io launched in 2016 through partnerships with a select collection of global e-commerce businesses and will transition its existing economy to Librium. Its workforce will be able to earn Librium EQL tokens by producing sales for digital partners.
The Librium Network implements an identity and reputation system, allowing workers and digital partners to showcase a consistent profile across the whole ecosystem. Workers get a LibriumCred, while digital partners get a LibriumScore. Both are also used by the Librium Award System. Indeed, good actors of the Librium Ecosystem, as vetted by their results and previous interactions, will be rewarded tokens.
Last but not least, the Librium Loan System allows workers to invest working time for digital partners. As such, they are highly incentivized to work hard, as they get returns on their investments when the business grows. In parallel, digital partners get freelance work in order to de-risk and bootstrap their operations.

Blockchain Engineer
Lead Developer

Learn about our mission statement. Librium is aiming to bring the world's labor markets to equiLibrium! https://medium.com/@librium/our-mission-f352a1213622 #bitcoin #blockchain #ethereum #cryptocurrency #ico

Meet the Team Behind Librium https://medium.com/@librium/the-librium-team-841ed15d9f68

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Our Exclusive Pre-sale just went live! Learn more here https://medium.com/@librium/exclusive-pre-sale-264badc78a02

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The Librium Presale Registration is open now! https://librium.com

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