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The Internet was built around the premise of an open and shared environment. The Standards of the Internet assume that all of the hosts on the global Internet can connect directly to each other, on any specified port number, but current version of the internet has become increasingly centralized and much more controlled. This is eliminating a lot of real internet features, for example, running your website on your computer and show it to others. This is because of multiple factors such as port blocking, NAT, DNS and the frequently changing IP address which may compromise the original intent of ports.

We believe that everyone is having the right to open any port or communicate in any way on the internet. Taking the advantage of crypto-currency and peer-topeer connection, we present our solution to solve the issues by letting anyone expose any localhosted services to the internet through the distributed nodes around the world.

CEO & Co-Founder
COO and Co-Founder
CDO Software Engineer

@localxpose helps developers, DevOps engineers, system admins, anyone who is behind a NAT or firewall or doesn't want to configure the cloud and play with the DNS to share their localhost server with the world. https://startupstash.com/tools/localxpose/

I've just started using @LocalXpose to expose local dev servers to the web. Need this all the time for @Loggify_app's #slackbot and other integrations. Having a fixed domain is a #gamechanger.

#developers #tooling #indiehacker

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