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Название ICOMatrix
Дата начала16 января, 2018
Дата окончания15 февраля, 2018
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The challenges facing today’s blockchains have to be resolved before the ideal of cryptocurrency can really become reality. We believe the artificial intelligence technology, which has received an unprecedented growth in the past decade, provides out-of-box solutions to address the challenges. MATRIX is designed to be an intelligent chain to unleash the potential power of the blockchain technology.

Chief AI Scientist
Chief Network Architect
Chief Chip Scientist

$MAN update

Next leg up in the making 📈

The @MatrixAINetwork team was very hardworking

➡️Cooperation with South Korea blockchain institute
➡️Cross-chain connection to BSC
➡️New exchange listing soon
➡️NFT projects in the making

I loaded up on the dip 🧠

⚠️Airdrop everyday Will be hosting AMA with @MatrixAINetwork today 19.00 wib at http://t.me/airdropeveryday99

☑️Reward 100$ 10$each for 10winner
-Follow me and rt this
-Submit ur question in coment with tag ur friend

We Will choice 5 winner from Twitter and 5 winner from telegram

NFTs, Korean partnership, Defi, Binance Smart Chain and Smart Coal Mining project!

Today we continue with part 3 of our AMA

with Matrix AI Network CEO Owen Tao!

The Beauty of the #MatrixAI Network - Understanding the vision of #MatrixAI. Another great article written by community member DJ Lee. Please have a read and don't forget to like and share 👌 $MAN #AI #Bitcoin


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