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Название ICOMedChain
Дата начала06 августа, 2018
Дата окончания05 сентября, 2018
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"MedChain is pioneering a community-driven solution to the burgeoning field of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and electronic Protected Health Information(ePHI). 

Our goal is to put control back into the hands of the patient - both literally and figuratively. 

We believe the use of MedChain's cutting-edge blockchain protocol technology, military-level encryption and distributed storage coupled with an open-source framework will create a level of security poised to become the new standard in HIPAA compliant medical record-keeping.

Invest in MedChain as we aim to revolutionize how EMRs are stored, accessed and utilized, significantly benefitting both healthcare providers and patients.  

Funds from this crowdfunding campaign will be used for marketing and PR initiativesthat will raise awareness of MedChain's product offerings and will fund development of MedChain software, blockchain and smartphone applications.

We are currently in a testing stage and developing our blockchain in-house and will begin phone and web application development after finalizing our funding round, aiming for a late 2018 internal beta launch".

MedChain is bringing security to the forefront of healthcare!


Welcome @MedChainInc to our Discover Supernovas platform! MedChain is rebuilding #Healthcare with a Globally Compliant #blockchain ecosystem for Health Record Storage. https://www.redcrow.com/home/discover-profile.html?id=1000066817255

“What I love about MedChain is that, from my personal experience, they’re solving real-life issues in our Healthcare industry today.” - Hazel Sebastian | Regional Business Development… https://www.instagram.com/p/BmdDpXyBVtQ/?utm_source=ig_twitter_share&igshid=16k3xdx73bhem

Blockchain EHR Startup Taps IBM Tech to Boost Patient Data Ownership | Healthcare Analytics News https://www.hcanews.com/news/blockchain-ehr-startup-taps-ibm-tech-to-boost-patient-data-ownership via @HCA_News

MedChain and Cognition Foundry Partner to Tackle Important Healthcare Challenges Using Blockchain and IBM Technology

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