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Название ICOMediLOT
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MediLOT is a dual blockchain based EHR ecosystem with a unique layered architecture that incorporates machine learning and data analytics capabilities on top of its control and data layers, allowing machine learning APIs with complex applications to be built on top of the system. MediLOT is built and funded by MediLOT Technologies Pte Ltd, a National University of Singapore spinoff. 

Distinguished Professor, NUS
Group Chief Technology Officer
Clinical Lecturer, NUS

Dear MediLOT Community,

August has already been a fruitful month with the team’s participation in two renowned conferences in the field of computer science.

For more information on the conferences that the team attended, please refer to the link:


Dear MediLOT Community,

Our FoodLG app was recently featured at Innovfest Unbound 2019. Hear more about the features of the app from our friends at Jurong Health and NUS SSE from the link below:


MediLOT @ NewsBTC

We are pleased to announced that MediLOT has been featured on NewsBTC.

For more information, please refer to the link below:


MediLOT @ ZeroHedge

MediLOT has recently been featured by popular investment news media channel, ZeroHedge, on the topic of disruption in the Healthcare industry.

For a full overview of the article, please check out the link below:


Dear MediLOT Community,

As we are approaching the second half of 2019, it’s time to recap what the team had achieved in the first half of 2019. Do click on the link to find out more!


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