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Over the years, MetaCert has researched and developed one of the world’s most advanced crawlers and threat intelligence systems for categorizing URIs. Using our proprietary technology, innovative approach, and help from thousands of people in our community, we have built one of the biggest sources of trust and reputation information about URIs in the world.

"Phishing in the US increased 12 times during the span of last five years"

But wait, what about all those amazing security solutions with computer vision, heuristics, machine learning and AI?

We should stop focusing on threats and focus on what's safe.


Internet browsers can either be the entry point for danger, or they can be the firewall that keeps you safe.

Our security extensions turn your browser into the latter.

We don't check to see if every person is a registered criminal when permitting access to our home/office. Instead, we verify their ID.

That's how we think Internet security should be managed - assume every URI is dangerous unless verified.

#ZeroTrust #Phishing #infosecurity

Do you contribute to the PhishTank project because you're passionate about making the Internet safer for everyone?

Well, why don't you submit them to us and get paid in MCERT Tokens?

Please email us if you'd like to be added to our waiting list:

[email protected]

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