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The MIDASCAPS ecosystem and business model is predominantly centered around the production of capsules - an innovative technology for conveniently carrying and dispensing nutritional supplements. This physical product, called Midas Capsules, facilitates the creation and use of a utility token, MidasCoin, which can be used for the purchase of capsules and as currency on the MidasEngine platform. In turn, MidasEngine taps into the sharing economy, enabling users to organize local small scale sports events in which anyone to participate for a fee.

This document will outline our approach towards building a sustainable token economy for MidasCoins, its monetary and interaction policies, as well as providing an adequate fair price estimate for the tokens down the line.

36 countries, 164 participants, 10 webinars held with more than 1.000 views and tons of work and passion to come up with meaningful #HumanDeFi solutions. Isn’t this a nice way to #celebratæternity ?

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#Ideaology ICO announcement featured on @MarketWatch 👉 https://www.marketwatch.com/press-release/ideaology-starting-first-phase-of-ico-2020-08-21

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#BinanceTurns3 - Freedom To Do More

Over the past three years, you’ve watched us grow from a cryptocurrency exchange into a comprehensive blockchain ecosystem.

Thank you for supporting us as we work to increase the freedom of money for all.

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