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Название ICOMoentum Token
Дата начала01 июня, 2018
Дата окончания30 июня, 2018
СтранаUnited States
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Moentum cryptocurrency as well as U.S. dollars will be accepted as payment for services offered from these exchanges. However, when Moentum cryptocurrency is used to purchase services, the price will be reduced by 10% for the life of both exchanges. Considering in Year 3 the U.S. Stock Exchange alone anticipates annual revenues of U.S. $2.5 billion, the result will be a constant demand for Moentum’s cryptocurrency.

Цена1 MOM = 0.0001 ETHПродажаN/AСпособ оплатыETH
Минимальная инвестицияN/AРаспределениеN/AСобраноN/A