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The current problem plaguing participants in the freelance economy is an inherent lack of trust. Employers lack a single source of reliable and consistent history for potential hires. Freelancers are at the mercy of individually centralized job marketplaces and are powerless to control their personal data and retain their full earnings. Moonlighting is focused on eliminating the risks associated with online hiring, empowering the democratization and portability of worker data, and reducing the cost of doing business in the gig economy.

Director of Alteryx, Managing Director of Morgan Stanley
Former VP for Strategic Initiatives for McClatchy, Chairman of LMC
VP of Corporate Development, Gannett

When you combine the benefits of a part-time job with being able to work from home, you maximize your ability to bring in supplemental income while maintaining flexibility to balance work with family and other life responsibilities and goals.
#workfromhome #freelance #parttime

Contract workers have become the norm in many organizations. If you want to unlock the potential and gain the loyalty of your contract workers, providing them with an employee experience comparable to their permanent peers is critical.

#employeebenefits #contractors #hiring

📍 Freelance Job Alert 📍 Web Development/Web Design Online Instructor https://buff.ly/3rHouz7
Ready to teach students about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript? Become an instructor to lead this immersive experience.
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LISTEN AGAIN: https://buff.ly/3tBqY30 The inventor of noise-canceling headphones and Apple's New Product Process, John Carter, talks about the unseen power of invention.
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The #freelancelife can be unpredictable. But there are ways to reduce the risks of running a #business. Join us as we discuss the common, yet unexpected reasons freelancers get sued and actions you can take now to protect your business. Save your spot 👉 https://buff.ly/3kVoucY

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