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MoonShard solves the problem of user disengagement by creating a seamless interruption-free customer experience, whether the user is online or offline. Businesses must provide such an experience since their customers are accustomed to interacting with brands both online and offline and no longer tolerate an influx of advertising messages. Today’s customers demand more. They want an engaging customer experience, unifying online and offline interaction into one coherent path.

Existing solutions hardly solve this problem as they are primarily geared at only sending advertising messages. By contrast, MoonShard creates a coherent online/offline customer experience by providing relevant and engaging interactions. MoonShard achieves this with engagement of users situated in a specific physical location in an online interaction with the business and other users, as well as through conversion of online activities into offline: shopping, visiting physical establishments (such as cafes, restaurants, theme parks, etc.).

A familiar easily recognizable interface allows users to engage easily; MoonShard looks like a messaging application with embedded location-recognition as an inherent part of interactions between consumers and businesses.

Using MoonShard, businesses can create their own local communities and communicate with users who are situated in a specific location. At the same time, MoonShard provides businesses with a set of tools to increase the users’ engagement. Users can also find other users nearby and chat with them.

MoonShard applies mesh network technology to create these local communities. Many key components are based on the open source solutions, in particular, the Matrix communication protocol and Ethereum blockchain, which provides advantages in terms of development and support.

MoonShard has four sources of revenue that include commercial business accounts, an advertising platform, paid check-ins for businesses, and transaction fees received from an integrated digital marketplace.

MoonShard is unique when compared to its competition. Offering an innovative combination of hyper-locality and high interaction, MoonShard leads to the consumer engagement between businesses and users.

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