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Дата начала03 апреля, 2018
Дата окончания10 июня, 2018
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MRCHAIN is a mixed reality industry (includes virtual reality VR, augmented reality AR and mixed reality MR that collectively called mixed reality industry) ecosystem that based on Ethereum block-chain technology to solve sorts of problems encountered in the development of next generation Internet.

For example, the advertisements recommended to the user by existing intelligent advertising system are very unintelligent, and those pushed by major business platforms are products that have either been searched or purchased by the user that are unable to predict in advance that what the user wants to buy. It not only brings bad experience to them, but also wastes the advertising expense paid by the advertiser, which are mainly caused by the data island. Search engine, E-commerce platform, advertising platform are fighting the enemy separately, and each platform only collects a part of user behavior datum that can’t provide complete user portrait for the user. However, the whole mixed reality platform constructed by our block-chain technology and user personal account with incentive system perfectly solve the problem of data- island, constructing completed and ever-evolving user portraits based on various contents, advertisement, search engine, speech input, personal AI assistant and all-round information collection method, which can push the advertisement of products that may be purchased by users prior to their purchase behavior.

Besides, various existing internets, mobile internet contents, games and E-commerce platforms all use the customized virtual currency made by different manufacturers. For users, it’s not only difficult for them to trade and exchange, but the currency can’t be exchanged to legal money. When the user leaves the platform, the virtual assets in the account will become invalid, which is unfair and unfriendly to the user. MRCHAIN can provide the general currency of MRCH that accepted and adopted by manufacturer at each sector (especially the game manufacturer), so as to solve the problem of currency exchange, transaction and the unavailability of user’s virtual assets to liquidate.

Founder & Product Manager
Technical Director
Technical Director
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