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The biggest advances in technology today are driven by blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning in particular. Machine learning algorithms, fed with data, are replacing source code as the most valuable asset of technology companies and, by extension, today’s economy. Global giants like Facebook, Amazon and Google have honed tools for aggregating vast pools of data, allowing their researchers to build more effective and powerful AI systems. Google Duplex passed the Turing Test in May 2018 effectively crossing the line to being indistinguishable from a human. 

We need you to verify your address so we can ship your Mark II! Head to https://mycroft.ai/ and click the top banner to update and/or verify your address.

We wanted to share what the process looks like for making just one of these good guys. Assemble and disassemble with a screwdriver!
#RightToRepair #OpenSource #MarkII #voice

Who owns the AI that tells you what's true?
Who owns the AI that manages your home?
Who owns the AI that transcribes your voice?

Chatting w/ @mycroft_ai about open source AI.

Listen: https://anchor.fm/techfirst/episodes/Open-source-AI-essential-for-a-free-future-e1nioli
Watch: https://youtu.be/he71fUwsEro
Read: https://johnkoetsier.com/open-source-ai-essential-for-a-free-future/

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