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Название ICONEXO
Дата начала01 апреля, 2018
Дата окончания01 апреля, 2018
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3 лет назад
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Nexo.io offers the World's First Instant Crypto-backed Loans. Our platform is already live - https://platform.nexo.io and services clients worldwide. Our project is a spin-off from Credissimo (https://credissimo.com), a European FinTech Group, serving millions of people across Europe for over 10 years, while being supervised by multiple European banking and financial services regulators. Nexo is being advised by multiple prominent figures from the Tech and Finance sectors, including Michael Arrington - Founder of Techcrunch and Trevor Koverko - CEO of Polymath.

Managing Partner
Managing Partner
Managing Partner

What a day for all-time highs!

#BTC soared over $64K & #ETH hit a new #ATH at $2.4K, with both seemingly steady around these numbers. We’re feeling bullish.

How about you?


With the market going up, we’re experiencing delays of approx. 12 hours in processing the increased volume of credit line requests. We’re working hard to clear the backlog & will be back to our normal processing times very soon.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

[email protected] will be sharing his insights on #Bitcoin and the #crypto space with @YousefTV on @bloombergtv tomorrow.

Tune in at 09:30 BST.

🚨To ensure your funds are processed correctly & remain secure during the upcoming Ethereum Berlin upgrade, we will temporarily halt all $ETH & ERC-20 transactions for 1hr before & up to 2hrs after the fork, expected on April 15.

For real-time updates👇 https://goto.etherscan.com/block/countdown/12244000

Noting that some $BNB forecasts go as far up as $1K, @AntoniNexo said to @business: “#BNB had yet to replicate #Bitcoin’s and #Ether’s price appreciations of last year, so it is an alignment of quite a few positive setups for it to outperform.”


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Цена0.10 USDПродажа525,000,000Способ оплатыETH, BTC
Минимальная инвестиция100,000 USDРаспределение52.50%Собрано$52,500,000
Софт-кап20 000 000 USDХард-кап52,500,000 USD