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NKN (New Kind of Network) is a new generation of highly scalable, self-evolving and selfincentivized blockchain network infrastructure. NKN addresses the network decentralization and self-evolution by introducing Cellular Automata (CA) methodology for both dynamism and efficiency. NKN tokenizes network connectivity and data transmission capacity by a novel and useful Proof of Work. NKN focuses on decentralizing network resources, similar to how Bitcoin and Ethereum decentralize computing power as well as how IPFS and Filecoin decentralize storage. Together, they form the three pillars of the Internet infrastructure for next generation blockchain systems. NKN ultimately makes the network more decentralized, efficient, equalized, robust and secure, thus enabling healthier, safer, and more open Internet.


Blockbeats news, March 4, NKN co-founder Bruce Li stated as a panelist in @BlockBeatsAsia EthDenver Twitter Space that they focus on and consider Web 3 networking infrastructure more from the application layer perspective.

Top Platform #crypto growth in Github commits, past 30 days:
🏆 $SKL @SkaleNetwork +194%
🥈 $MASK @realmasknetwork +179%
🥉 $KDA @kadena_io +141%
@dfinity +114%
@eth_classic +109%
@0xPolygon +104%
@district0x +100%
@decentraland +100%
@nkn_org +94%
@nervosnetwork +92%

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