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Название ICONuggets
Дата начала18 июня, 2018
Дата окончания30 июня, 2018
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For too long, we have all been handing control of our sensitive private data to countless online services. Held in huge corporate silos, that data is vulnerable to breaches, hacks and abuse. Billions of records have been exposed or stolen in recent years.

Founder & CEO
Co founder & COO

We're delighted to announce that our Co-founder & COO, @KhindaSeema, has been selected for the Female Founders’ Trade Mission, run by @tradegovukUSA & @UKinNewYork. To learn more about the mission visit http://ow.ly/i8i730rHnKe #FemaleFounders #FemaleEntreprenuers #STEMtheGap

1/3 Today is #WorldPasswordDay, but with the average individual having over 100+ accounts and ID fraud, social engineering and phishing all on the rise, passwords have failed to keep people safe.

Our Co-founder & COO, @KhindaSeema, recently took part in an interview with @thebizofbiz, discussing the mission behind Nuggets, the data privacy problems the platform solves and overcoming obstacles for women in #fintech http://ow.ly/tEbM30rGDcu

In this article for @TConveyancer, our Founder & CEO, @alastairij, explores how HMLR's Digital Identity Standard will dramatically reduce levels of fraudulent activity that is associated with #conveyancing and property transactions http://ow.ly/7nTU30rFV8w

NFTs stand to revolutionize mainstream commerce. @alastairij explores the concept of integrating #NFTs with self-sovereign IDs, to make the entire transaction life-cycle of a product completely traceable with the touch of a button. Via @ForbesCrypto http://ow.ly/VAlf30rFNqj

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