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Название ICONuggets
Дата начала18 июня, 2018
Дата окончания30 июня, 2018
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For too long, we have all been handing control of our sensitive private data to countless online services. Held in huge corporate silos, that data is vulnerable to breaches, hacks and abuse. Billions of records have been exposed or stolen in recent years.

Founder & CEO
Co founder & COO

Our Co-founder & COO, @KhindaSeema, is taking part in the @WomeninPayments EMEA Symposium tomorrow. Seema is appearing on the ‘XaaS: Demystifying all of the "as a Service" offerings in Financial Services’ panel at 3pm (BST) #WIPEMEA2021 #womeninpayments http://ow.ly/feZa30rEt4O

"Digital identity in itself is an island. The key is to apply digital identity to everyday uses for everyday people, in everyday life." Read a new interview with our Co-founder & COO, @KhindaSeema, via @thinkdigicon http://ow.ly/HNme30rEfHz

Women in Digital: Seema Khinda Johnson - https://go.shr.lc/3s9PxTP #digitalidentity #payments #interview @nuggetsPAYandID @WomenInDigital_ @WomeninID @TechUpWomen @KantaraNews

Our Co-founder & COO, @KhindaSeema, was interviewed for @WomeninPayments' series profiling #womeninnovators, where she discusses why individuals should own and control their own data. Full article here - http://ow.ly/Pp2L30rDFxT (POM premium membership required)

We’ve been featured in @CoinJournal, who have published a review of our platform, highlighting a number of groundbreaking features. You can check out the full article below #Fintech #Blockchain #Payments #DigitalIdentity #SelfSovereignIdentity #SSI http://ow.ly/ydgV30rCxnJ

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