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Название ICOOcean Protocol
Дата начала30 апреля, 2019
Дата окончанияTBA
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The Ocean Protocol is an ecosystem composed of data assets and services, where assets are represented by data and algorithms, and services are represented by integration, processing and persistence mechanisms. Ocean Protocol facilitates discovery by storing and promoting metadata, linking assets and services, and provides a licensing framework that has toolsets for pricing.

How did we get here? It started at the Odyssey hackathon in Nov 2020, through the Ocean Shipyard program, to the OceanDAO grant competition. The journey began with our datatoken, which was the biggest IDO on #OceanMarket at the time.

Hi Ocean community 👋 We're @DataunionA, and we want to demonstrate that a community of contributors can:

– Create better and more diverse data
– Solve issues of bias and insufficient variance in datasets

Join us on our journey and contribute with your data!

Nokia launches (Hyperledger) blockchain data marketplace for AI models https://www.ledgerinsights.com/nokia-blockchain-data-marketplace-for-ai-models/
Watch this space of decentralized data (model) marketplaces. @oceanprotocol deserves all credit for this vision. Cardano needs to be integrating here... Think SingularityNet lite.

Weekend 5 of the Ocean Shipyard Takeover is here! We'll hand over our Twitter to @DataunionA to share their mission to crowdsource unbiased ML-ready datasets. They'll also be on our Telegram for all your questions, so join us there!


Learn about #tokenomics on 'The Transdisciplinary Art of Token Engineering' podcast feat. Ocean Founder @trentmc0.

💡"Tokens are a way to incentivize people to do stuff. E.g. Bitcoin gets people to secure the network by simply paying them in tokens."


Shermin Voshmgir@sherminvo

@nomadanalyst @sebnem @Clobean4 @oceanprotocol @trentmc0 @lisajytan @EconsDesign @WassimAlsindi @0x_salon @tokenkitchen https://youtu.be/NdsMNF2mMJs

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